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About us




Our philosophy

Vegairoa is a specialist in professional hairdressing products with a firm commitment to offering top quality products to solve different hair problems, without damaging the environment and taking care of our planet.

Animal and environmentally friendly



Contains no ingredients or animal derivatives.



Does not contain animal ingredients. The animal is not killed to obtain its ingredients

cruelty free

Cruelty free

It does not test its products on animals.

Our inspiration

Nature offers powerful secrets for those who know how to search. It is our source of energy, our legacy, and from it we have extracted our unique master formulas capable of giving us its self-renewing force to regenerate our hair health and show off incredible hair.


Nature takes care of us, let's take care of it



Composed from natural botanical ingredients (derived from plants)

eco friendly


Responsible with the environment (free of toxic components, biodegradable, from organic crops, recyclable)

bio orgánico


Certification that at least 1 botanical ingredient has been grown without pesticides.


Around the world

Our different combinations have been tested by the most demanding professionals in more than 50 countries: hairdressers, beauty salons, beauty consultants... they have all tried and repeated our products for more than 10 years..

Always reinventing ourselves

Innovation is one of our main pillars. The success of our formulas encourages us to constantly experiment with new combinations of natural elements to find new solutions for your hair's needs. Nature always renews and strengthens. Multitude of ingredients are waiting to improve our hair’s vitality.


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